In celebration of the year that was 2016, this Festival of Ambitious Ideas brought together some of the individuals and organisations who have been working on innovative projects across a range of different sectors - technology, social enterprises, young entrepreneurs, creative industries, government and academia.

Festival of Ambitious Ideas is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Airport.

Interesting People Doing Interesting Things 2016 Speakers:

Anna Pino, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre

Michael Tear, WildBear Entertainment

Peter Mckie, iSimulate

Miles Jakeman, Citadel Group

Bree Winchester, The Canberra Times

David Edwards, automed

Dr Dennis McNevin, University of Canberra

Andrew Marriott, The Film Distillery

Phil Preston, Red Robot Industries

Julie Nichols, The Local Larder

Mark Cartwright, Royal Australian Mint

Andrew Snell, Rollercoaster Digital

Zak Sequoia, Crowd Carnivore