Bill MobbsProviding products and solutions to the global healthcare market, can be a lucrative business, but it also requires continual innovation and speed to keep up with rapidly changing medical needs. The other challenge is trying to create change in an established market. ITL Health Group (ITL) is a Canberra based company that launched in 1994 and today holds 40 product patents and sells products to 55 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. ITL supplies products directly to health providers or works with strategic partners around the world to provide products and solutions to healthcare markets and to empower individuals to manage their own health.

ITL have experienced the growing pains that are associated with introducing products that are ahead of the market and the reluctance that comes with adopting change. Over the years, it has been necessary to review some of the underperforming parts of the business, but overall, the business continues to hold a strong position in the healthcare sector even after several changes to its structure. Bill Mobbs, Chair of ITL said that reviews like this are a long-term game and it has taken about 5 years to get the business back to its core. “It was a difficult time, but we are now seeing the benefits of this work and the company is again experiencing strong growth”.

ITLITL now focusses on the innovative side of the business. The international Intellectual property dominated side of the business will generate strong growth in our high margin products of around $22 million over the next year. These products are IP protected, and are produced in the company’s manufacturing plant in Malaysia. They also have specialist niche markets in Australia – for Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Stream Infection Prevention Kits and a few other items, which account for about $10 million in sales.

ITL is a public company that has been previously listed, was bought back by its shareholders and is in the process of listing again with a stronger company and a larger market capitalisation.
The genesis of ITL was a market need around the safety of front-line health workers and this need has become much more sophisticated but continues to grow. “I was an IT consultant in high demand, well paid and travelling around the US and Europe, when we decided to come home with our first child. I really didn't want to go back into that same industry and was looking for something based on innovation. I did my MBA at the University of Canberra and met a couple of people and we started looking at things like safety syringes. This was a very new idea back then, but it was also at the height of HIV management. It didn’t really take off, but I knew that there was something in the concept of safety and the protection of health workers and that’s how we kickstarted the business”, says Bill.

Bill started working with the Australian Red Cross in Canberra to find a way to protect people from injuries from needles, scalpels and other sharps. With some grant funding, ITL began to register its IP portfolio in 1994. Focusing on this portfolio lead to the company’s first sale in 1997 to one of Europe’s biggest blood banking companies. This was followed by a 300,000-unit trial across 12 US states with the American Red Cross. The aim of the trial was to demonstrate how the ITL products could eliminate needle stick injuries, which was becoming a major problem with front line heath providers. The trial resulted in zero needle stick injuries and was the beginning of ITL’s 27-year journey.

ITL Bill says that 27 years may seem like a long time, but it has passed quickly and has bought with it a range of challenges and opportunities. There are many insights to share, but a few key ones are

“Business is always a journey and you have to be prepared to deal with changes, challenges and opportunities - particularly those that you never unexpected”, says Bill.

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