IMG 04631In celebration of the International Day of People with Disability, Lighthouse hosted a workshop on Wednesday 3 December 2014 to celebrate and promote the benefits of inclusion and success of people with a variety of challenges in the fields of entrepreneurship and business.

The Embracing Diversity workshop encouraged the sharing of business knowledge and experience as well as raised awareness among members of the ACT community of the business potential and employability of people with disabilities.

Guest speakers were asked to contribute to the workshop by giving insight into their disability or health condition, how it has impacted their lives and how this has all played a role in their approach to business.






Our panel of speakers included:

Lynda Leigh, Bright Spark Speaking

Mick Burgess, Family Business Mentor

Lauren Woodbridge, Black Pearl Horses

Mick Spencer, OnTheGo Sportswear

 Anna Pino, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre
(Workshop Facilitator)