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Canberra Jeweller Ben Preston-Black of Creations Jewellers - has won two top awards in the coveted biannual Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards.
Diamond Guild Australia was established to set the benchmark for excellence and to support leading Australian jewellers and diamond professionals.
The Awards aim to promote and encourage excellence, innovation and inspiration within the Australian Jewellery industry, with 2018 marking the 10th anniversary of the Awards.

NAT slowbeauty 34Photo by: Tracy Lee PhotographySurely that spot wasn’t there last week? And that wrinkle? Pretty sure it was a line last month. And the dryness - don’t get me started on the dryness! Your skin is changing, and it’s always been fine, until now.

The realisation that me-time and self-care is important comes to people in different ways. For some it’s the cold they just can’t shake; maybe it’s an increase in relationship stress; or for some it’s the glance in the mirror that doesn’t hide the long work days, poor diet and stress.

But how to fit it all in? Natalie McBurney, a qualified Aesthetician (Skin Therapist) from Slow Beauty Eco Salon says it’s important to examine your mindset about me-time.

automed deviceToday marks the 5th anniversary of automed's founding in 2012. At the time the company was Davoodi, a unique name inspired by family. The idea behind automed goes a lot further back than 2012 though. In fact, David Edwards first started working on the idea, in his spare time, back in 2006.

Follow the link here to read about the highlights from the past five years, revealing the story of how automed went from an idea that was ahead of its time to an award-winning company and product that is having an impact on the global livestock industry.

automed automatic livestock medication system helping producers around the globe save

Global animal safety company Neogen has formed a distribution partnership with cutting-edge Australian innovator automed to provide a world-first piece of technology for producers medicating their livestock.

Neogen will be the primary global supplier of the automed automatic livestock medication system which has been on the market since early 2016 and is already making a name for itself in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.

The automed system comprises of both hardware and software for medication delivery, recording, validation, as well as inventory management. Designed for ease of use and with compliance and traceability in mind, the system has an open integration platform designed to complement and work with existing management software.

Canberra mother of six, Kate Seselja launched The Hope Project in 2016, with the aim of changing the way people live their lives. Kate founded The Hope Project after struggling with a poker machine addiction for over 12 years. Through her healing and recovery she could see how others were struggling with life’s challenges; making poor choices such as addiction, gambling, and aggression to cope.

Tracy Lee in actionMany of you will know Tracy Lee as the blonde lady with the big camera, who has been the official photographer behind Canberra Wise Women (CWW) since the beginning.

Tracy is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and describes herself as a visual storyteller. Tracy’s images are often set in nature, with cheeky smiles illuminated by the dappled light of green trees.

Thank you, Tracy, for answering a few of our questions. Thank you, too, for the indelible mark you have made on Canberra Wise Women. All your beautiful images have inspired us and will continue to do so for years to come.


sally dooleySally Dooley, a Canberra based leadership development facilitator, executive coach and speaker is proud to announce the publication of her FIRST book, Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results, published by Motivational Press, USA.

The book is co-authored with 10 other leadership experts from across the globe, including experts from the United States, Czech Republic, Mexico and of course Australia. The group of authors met in 2011 while completing Jack Canfield's (Success Coach and best-selling author) prestigious Train the Trainer program in the United States.

Liz Craven on the CWW stage2Photo by: Tracy Lee PhotographyLiz Craven is a “pocket rocket” who made her debut on the Canberra Wise Women (CWW) stage back in February 2016. The theme for the evening was 'Believe' and Liz had everybody in the audience believing in themselves and their untapped physical strength.

Liz is a Powerlifter and is currently ranked as Australia’s Number One Powerlifter, across all weight classes and genders. Liz also has the honour of being the first Australian to score a 'Wilks' of more than 500. This formula (named for its creator, Robert Wilks) measures the ratio between body size and strength. Liz's high score tells us her pocket size (52kg) is capable of lifting astronomical weight!

Suzanne teaching Level1JugenheimWind the clock back ten years. I’d started my doctorate in Visual Arts at ANU, and was given a special job mentoring first year painting students. I loved it! Looking back, I can see the seeds were sown then for my current work inspiring people to access their creative brilliance.

Between then and now was quite a journey. I tutored, lectured, coached and painted for a few exhibitions between training up in teaching, coaching and business. I've sought excellence and achieved but also worried and strived too much, working too long hours.

Kristen Holzapfel 2Photo by: Tracy Lee PhotographyAs one of Canberra’s most recognizable animal lovers - Kristen Holzapel is the owner of Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter. Kristen has brought forth, through the wisdom, struggle and riches of her life, a loving, caring and reliable petsitting service where she enjoys plenty of pet cuddles from her ‘fur’-clients.

Kristen is also an accomplished public speaker and author of “Selfless: a social workers’ own story of trauma and recovery”. The memoir shares Kristen personal journey of being a social worker and the effects that burnout and compassion fatigue took on her personal and professional life.

She shares openly about her recovery from vicarious trauma and anorexia nervosa. Her story is beautifully written, honest, and insightful, and has been receiving high praise from others working in the ‘helping’ professions.

CWW Tigress KellyPhoto by: Tracy Lee PhotographyInside each and every woman lies a fierce power that is eager to be released. This power is often hidden deep within, with many women going through their lifetime, never accessing the full force of this power.

An important question to ask then is - how do we unlock this power?

Enter Kelly Henderson, sacred feminine devotee, yogi, sensualist and magic movement maker. Through her Tigress Yoga classes, Sacred Union Yoga & Dance classes, and Authentic Feminine Retreats, Kelly provides an open, welcoming and non-judgemental space. Here, women feel comfortable to explore, feel and nurture their hidden gifts by igniting their power within. Kelly takes her students on a journey to connect and embody all the energies that reside within their bodies (both masculine and feminine), in order to create balance in their lives.

Kelly is a woman who thinks outside the box and knows how to approach the balance of leading a joyful life, in both her family and professional career.

about rachel zivYour poised – ready to begin (or accelerate) your entrepreneurial or small business journey.

You may have a website, business cards, a strong product or service offering and even a couple of clients to get you started.

You may have years of experience in your chosen industry. Or you may have none at all (my first business was to import novelty items from overseas – something I knew absolutely nothing about at the time!).

But the main thing is, you know what you want. You want to step out of your comfort zone. Steer clear of working for the man. Make up your own rules.

kristen labI am the owner/operator of "Canberra's Friendly Petsitter", a live-in petsitting service that started in 2014, to serve the pet-loving customers of Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Like many, a crisis was what drove me to start my own business. I qualified as a social worker in 2001 and spent several stress-fuelled years working in various positions before I began exhibiting symptoms of trauma. In 2006, I became suddenly and seriously unwell and it wasn't until several years later that I managed to pull myself back to health. My symptoms mimicked those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, I would later find, prevent me from re-engaging with the traditional workforce.

Canberra WISE WOMEN Creator Lisa LaMaitreI’ve been in business in Canberra now for over 20 years. During this time I’ve started four businesses. Each one in a different industry and with different requirements. I’ve been involved with an IT consultancy, health practice, rental/retail business and a talent event.

For me being in business has allowed me to stretch myself and grow. It’s often monotonous and repetitive, terribly challenging at times, and also highly rewarding, creatively fulfilling and life affirming.