Upcoming Events

beta cbnAs the final Festival of Ambitious Ideas for 2019, we will be celebrating some of the emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs working on innovative projects from a range of different sectors – technology, social enterprise, creative industries and academia.

Our speakers will discuss their passion projects, plans and ambitions for 2020, followed by a showcase where speakers will display and demo their latest products and gadgets.

all quiet cbnA core idea sits at the heart of every new business, piece of content or creative project. It’s the thing that ignites your passion, gives your article purpose or keeps you focused on getting your start-up off the ground. It’s also what gets your audience to share and your customers to buy.

Creativity is not solely the domain of the talented. While it’s often thought of as unstructured and spontaneous with few rules or patterns, this is not the case. Ideation is a process and a valuable skill that ideally should be taught early. It applies as much to writing a great essay as it does to coming up with a business idea or solving a work problem.

pres skills cbnThe ability to communicate and present your ideas both formally and informally is essential for success in the modern workplace.

Being able to present a clear, persuasive story through presentations has fast become a fundamental requirement in the workplace. In fact, presentation skills have a role to play in almost every job there is. If presentations aren’t delivered well; managers fail to inspire their employees; sales aren’t made; entrepreneurs don’t get funded; ideas don’t get shared and progress is halted.

cbn eventEvents are a great way to boost your business - whether as a series, or a one-off event, they are the perfect opportunity to showcase your business offering and get right in front your customers. When done effectively, events have the potential to deliver a great return in terms of sales, marketing and exposure.

From short workshops and seminars, to small conferences, markets and trade shows; there is one thing they all have in common. They require planning. Lots and lots of planning.

More likely than not, event planning isn’t your primary job, but somehow it’s fallen into your lap. This one-day workshop will give you a crash course in managing the logistics and some basic tricks-of-the-trade for marketing your events.