microphone 482250 640Pitching is not just about looking for funding or something you see on Dragon's Den or Shark Tank.

Being able to pitch is an important life skill and whether it's landing an account, applying for a job or selling to a customer, at some point you may get called on to 'pitch' or sell your ideas, experience or capability.

Here are five things to keep in mind when preparing to pitch:


1. Remember your audience wants you to succeed

Whether it's the person interviewing you for a job or a client hoping you have a product that solves their problem, your audience genuinely wants you to succeed.

They want you to be the solution that knocks their socks off and provides them with a successful outcome because if you aren't its back to the drawing board for them.


2. Be confident - you know how to pitch!

You've been pitching since you were a child. Children know exactly what buttons to press to get their parents to do things. They become adept at knowing what works for their parents, their siblings and their grandparents. Good pitching is exactly that, knowing what matters to your audience and being able to identify those hot button issues.


3. Speak with Conviction

Everything about you needs to say you care deeply about this topic. Unfortunately we very often only show that level of conviction when we are talking to friends. When we're in the corporate environment we sanitise what we say for fear of getting it wrong. This is no way to act in a pitch.


4. Know your stuff!

It's far easier to have conviction if you know your subject matter, so make sure you do your homework. Not only do you need to know the facts that support your pitch, you need to have thought through any objections. You have probably made some assumptions, so make sure you can defend them.


5. Remember the 6 C's

Go back through your presentation or ask someone to listen to you practise. Make sure you've covered the 6 C's: your pitch is clear, concise, compelling, conceptual, credible and conversational. And remember, your audience is generally investing in you.


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