security 2168233 640In order for us to decide whether we need a digital certificate we first need to understand what it does. So let’s have a look first at some other acronyms that seem to crop up when it comes to digital certificates namely:


(Hypertext Ttansfer Protocol  Secure)(Secure Sockets Layer) (Hypertext Protocol) 

HTTP deinfes how messages are transmitted between a visitor’s browser and a website’s server. SSL protects and encrypts information sent across the Internet and HTTPS encrypts the information sent between the browser and the server.


However in order for the encryption to happen, a digital certificate is required. In essence the digital certificate is installed on the web server and confirms that the browser is indeed connected to the web server that is identified by the certificate.

Typically, the connection will have a little padlock from which you can view the additional information about the certificate:

cbn screen password


Digital certificates need to be obtained from an independent Certifying Authority (CA) and are generally installed and renewed annually. Natiki is able to purchase these on your behalf and install them for you.


So while digital certificates are all about security and should be installed especially in e-commerce scenarios or where you are taking user login information one other aspect needs to be considered. They build trust with users interacting with your website.


Google will be warning users more aggressively in its Google Chrome browser when they access certain pages that are not secured. Google has also indicated it will also be pushing sites higher up its search results list if they are secure.


What do you need to do?

Companies like Natiki can assist you in purchasing and installing your digital certificate and reconfiguring your web server to serve up HTTPS secure content.


Managing a website means being able to manage both the content and some basic technical tasks. This can save you both time and money and will give you the flexibility to accommodate growth and changing requirements. Our 6-part workshop series titled “Managing your Website after Launch” doesn't require any programming knowledge and covers post-launch tasks, UX design, testing and more. 

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