amygreenWhile we are all working on big goals within our business, we often get distracted by ‘the whirlwind’.

The whirlwind is made up of all the little things that happen each day, which somehow very quickly turn into the big stuff. The whirlwind is the drama, the ‘busy’, the little emergencies. The whirlwind is also a great place for procrastination and excuse making to take place.

So what do you need to know about the whirlwind?

  1. It will happen;
  2. The more attention you give it the more time it takes up;
  3. You can get sucked into it and not get out.

Whirlwinds are easy to identify, they are the things that are distracting you, leading you away from, or taking time away from you BIG WIG (Wildly Important Goal).


amygreen2We often react to the whirlwind, rather than logically respond to in a time convenient to us. It is not uncommon for us to be distracted by the whirlwind all day, reacting and reacting, and then realising we actually haven’t achieved anything that day. Too often than not, I hear so many people say “I was so busy, but I feel like I didn’t achieve anything”, this is what it is like to be caught in the whirlwind. Tossing you back and forward, throwing you here and there, pulling you up and down, but for no real purpose.

Here are my 5 tips for not getting caught in the whirlwind:

      1. Know your top goals you need to achieve during the day;

      2. Take regular breaks so not to burn out;

      3. Ask yourself: ‘Does this need to be done now?’, ‘Can I get delegate this task?’, ”Is this leading me towards my BIG             WIG?’;

      4. Set a specific time to read and respond to emails, rather than responding ad-hoc (e.g. 9-10am and 3-4pm).

Give time to your BIG WIG daily and make it a priority. Schedule it in so it has to happen.


About Amy Green
Amy is a Canberra-based mindset coach specialising in health and wellness. She empowers people to be all they are by bringing out what is hidden inside. Addicted to keeping fit and healthy, so each morning she is in the gym and each day eating delicious clean foods, but enjoys the odd treat too. For more information please visit