innovagelogoAs the world's population continues to grow and change, we are approaching the largest demographic, economic and social change the western world has ever seen; our ageing population.

Here's an opportunity to contribute to the discussion and suggest solutions for the future of ageing. innovAGE is an innovation event being held over two weekends in March and May. It is hosted by Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, isobar, the University of Canberra and the Aged Care Industry IT Council.

innovAGE brings together entrepreneurs and developers from a broad range of sectors to develop, build or launch age related solutions to improve the lives of older Australians and their families.

By 2055 it is projected that the number of Australians aged 65 and over will double when compared to today. For every Australian aged 65+, there will be 2.7 people aged 15 to 64 years compared to 4.5 people today.



The program for innovAGE includes:

- Access to untapped data related to the sector;

- Face-to-face interaction with end users of products and services

- Context building with service providers;

- Mentoring with industry representatives and innovators; and

- The opportunity to work in a collaborative atmosphere.

innovAGE is not just about IT based and big picture solutions, but also practical tools and products to be used on a day to day basis by older Australians.


On March 28, innovAGE was launched at the INSPIRE Centre at the University of Canberra with over 80 participants in attendance. This first weekend of innovAGE was the starting point of context building and project development.

Participants were given access to previously unused data relating to the aged care sector, context and industry information from senior industry providers, as well as mentoring opportunities with service providers and industry representatives to inspire their innovative ideas.



In the lead up to Weekend Two, participants, both current and new, will have access to more context on industry issues, ageing data, vignettes on customer needs, access to end users, aged care experts and professionals.

There are also opportunities to engage with chat forums and online peer groups and to seek partners to bring new skill sets to your project.

All information provided in weekend one is available to new participants.


Participants will continue their project development during weekend two of innovAGE which will be held on May 2 and 3.

On the final day, teams will present their solutions to a high-profile judging panel consisting of end-use customers, aged care services representatives, investors and technology experts.

Remember you don't have to pitch a fully operational prototype, just a well-developed concept.


Interested in participating in innovAGE? It's not too late! Registrations for the second weekend of innovAGE are still open!

To register for the second weekend of innovAGE or for more information please visit

Ageing should be seen as an opportunity, not a problem. innovAGE is the best opportunity for innovation in ageing to be cultivated, while raising the profile and the importance of the aged care industry.


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