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The third in our series of co-working spaces in Canberra looks at Servcorp and their co-working spaces at the Realm in Barton and Nishi in New Acton.

Like it or not your office is not just a workspace, it's also the public face of your company.

When your business has grown beyond the kitchen table and its time to move out of home, you need to think carefully about the message you want to send about the type of business you are.


We visited the Servcorp offices in the Nishi building and came away with the following five things to consider:

1. Location, Location, Location

The Servcorp philosophy is based very much on the idea of the best offices in the best buildings in the best locations. This works very well for companies where proximity to clients is important and the image they need to create is one of professional service provider rather than hip startup.

The Barton Servcorp offices are well placed for those companies doing business in the Parliamentary triangle and the Acton office for companies with clients at ANU or based in Civic. That's not to say they don't do business with clients based elsewhere.


2. Flexibility

We got the impression that flexibility was a real benefit to membership at Servcorp. There's flexibility in terms of facilities including co-working, private offices and different size meeting rooms. And there is also flexibility in terms of services offered from virtual office services, meeting packages and communication packages. It is pretty much a made to measure solution option.


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3. Options

Having options can be very useful, especially when your business is at that in between stage where you have more work than you can manage, but you're not quite at the point when you can afford to bring on an admin assistant or commit to a long term rent. Servcorp offers the ability to purchase personal assistant services on a hourly basis, to cover the time you need them so that you can focus on your core business.


4. Networking

You don't necessarily associate Servcorp with the beer and pizza networking events you might find at some other co-working spaces, but Servcorp offers some really good networking events. These events are both internal for members only as well as events where external guests are invited to attend. They provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships and meet potential referrers, customers and partners.


5. Beyond the First Customer

Walking through Servcorp we got the impression that there is an interesting mix of early stage companies, multinationals and small professional firms using the space. This can be a real plus for startup businesses that have moved beyond the proof of concept stage and have landed a few customers.

We often find that once you reach this stage you need to be in an environment where you can mix with more established companies who can both motivate you and challenge you in order help move your business to the next level.


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We can't end this article without commenting on the view. From every side the view from the Nishi building is amazing, definitely worth checking out.

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