urban 205986 1920 smlEfic and the Export Council of Australia (ECA) have joined forces to launch a first-of-its-kind export focused app. The Export Essentials app has been designed with new and growing exporters in mind, with a focus on small and medium businesses.

“Both Efic and the ECA are focused on helping Australian SMEs achieve export success. With that in mind we developed an app with need-to-know information at their fingertips. Export Essentials will help Australian businesses take the right steps on their export journey,” said Andrew Watson, Executive Director, Export Finance at Efic.

The application is filling the export information gap for Australian SMEs providing key details often overlooked by businesses when planning to export. From checklists and calculators, to understanding how to manage currency risk, Export Essentials will continue to be updated on a regular basis to provide businesses with the help they need to develop export strategies and opportunities.

“Exporting can be a complicated business, especially when you’re new to the process or entering a new export market – the Export Essentials app is designed to empower new and less experienced SME exporters with the tools and information they need to achieve their export goals,” said Watson.

“We encourage new exporters to seek professional advice when starting their export journey. It’s important to understand the steps and risks, and critical to get help from the experts – the likes of Austrade, ECA, and legal and accounting professionals.”

Former Federal Minister for Small Business, Bruce Bilson says the evolution from an Australian SME to an exporting SME can be daunting, “there are so many questions that a SME needs to ask itself when planning to export, or enter a new export market”.

“Export Essentials is a resource that provides useful, practical and actionable information and supports SMEs to get their ambitions underway. There is nothing else like it.”

To download the free Export Essentials app, visit the Apple or Android app store and search for ‘Export Essentials’.