canberrawisewomenCanberra Wise Women have launched their 2017 program with three events in three weeks! The first two events on February 10 and 16, have been joint events with national organisations who were keen to partner with the inspiring vibe of Canberra Wise Women.

“It’s been wonderful to start our second year working with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS).” Explains Lisa LaMaitre, the Creator of Canberra Wise Women. “Both organisations have introduced new people to our audiences. Our co-hosted lunch with AIM, and joint movie screening of Hidden Figures with the ACS, were both sell out events!”

The third event will see a return of the Canberra Wise Women ‘live’ interview format, held in the evenings. This year all evening events will be held at the Guggenheim inspired Vibe Hotel, at Canberra Airport.

The first evening event on Wednesday March 1, will see three Canberra women interviewed by Emma Grey, who are all dedicated to connecting people and building community.

The first guest will be Hannah Wandel – Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Country to Canberra. Country to Canberra aims to improve leadership skills and opportunities for young rural women and girls to see improved gender equality in our future generations.

Jessica May of Enabled Employment will be the second guest. Jessica is a multi-award winning business owner who filled a niche in the employment industry, by starting a business that assists people with disabilities find employment.

And Lucy Baker will be the final guest. Lucy is a Teacher, Writer, Healer and the Founder and Pastor of The Spirituality Church of Canberra. Lucy has dedicated her life to connecting people to their intuition, sense of self and ability to heal.

Tickets to Canberra Wise Women – Connect are available through Eventbrite. 

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