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If your New Year's resolution for 2015 is to work on your business (not just in it), look out for our daily online posts that get you thinking differently about an aspect of your business.

January's focus will be on Content Marketing.


Day 1:          How much attention do your clients have to give?

There are only so many newspapers, blogs, Facebook pages and newsletters your clients can read. Do you know which channels your clients are paying attention to? Spend some time today thinking about how you can provide content your clients really care about.


Day 2:          Get granular!

You can now find information online to suit even the smallest niche. People no longer have to subscribe to generalist publications, they can find content specific to their exact interest. Speak to some of your clients and find out what they are really passionate about.


Day 3:          Are you a content creator or a content curator?

With so much information available online, spend some time today thinking about whether you will deliver better value by creating new content or sorting content from others.


Day 4:          How can you involve your clients in content creation?

Traditional media was limited to delivering content to us, but new media can create a win-win situation where clients can bring their own creativity or knowledge to your platform and deliver an even better outcome. Today's challenge is to explore opportunities for co-creating content with your customers. 


Day 5:          Who judges your work?

Remember, you have the ability to choose who judges your work. If they are not the people who will help you make it better, use it or reward you with their purchase, then should you be listening to them? Today's challenge is to think about whose opinions really matter.


Day 6:          What if something changed and you could get no new customers?

How would you change what you do all day? What if you tried acting that way now? Today's challenge is all about thinking outside the square and exploring possible new avenues.


Day 7:           Does your content reflect your ideal customer?

Be careful... the clients your accept and the work you do for them determines not only what you do during the day, but also the direction your business goes in and the kind of people you interact with. Today's challenge is about checking your website to make sure your content is geared at helping you attract more of your ideal clients. 


Day 8:           Do you know the difference between a bonus and free?

Free is something you get no matter what and a bonus is something you get as an add-on when you buy something or give your attention in exchange for something. In your content marketing the purpose of free is to spread the word and the purpose of a bonus is to reward an immediate action. Today's challenge is to think about how you can use 'free' and 'bonus' in your content marketing.


Day 9:           What role do screens play in your business?

So much of the content available to us today is consumed or accessed via a screen – we read newspapers and magazines online and access the radio and podcasts via a screen. Today's challenge is to think about the role screens play in the way your customers access your content as well as the way you deliver content. Is there room for improvement?


Day 10:         You are a publisher!

We are all media companies today. If you have a website or produce a newsletter, you are a publisher! How do you need to change your attitude or your processes to deal with this new reality?


Day 11:         Are you a channel of choice?

Today's challenge is to think about how your business can be the channel people subscribe to. If you aren't the channel of choice, every time you try to connect with potential customers it will cost you money.


Day 12:         What content do YOU consume?

Expose yourself to inspirational and innovative material and you will aspire to create world class products and services. Expose yourself to harsh critics and you will eventually believe them. Expose yourself to 'get rich quick' and 'shortcut' stories and you will think that's the way to business success. Today's challenge is to think about the content you need to read, view or listen to that will help you succeed.


Day 13:         Who are you trying to please?

Who is your content written for? If it's the wrong person, you'll fail. Are you producing content for your customer or are you trying to please a critic, investor or grant fund. Today's challenge is to do a content audit and make sure you're writing for the right audience.


Day 14:         A Marketing Shortcut!

If you are writing a book your goal in describing it isn't to reinvent what it means to be a book. However, when you are trying to sell an innovative product and are struggling to describe it, you sometimes have to use some marketing shortcuts.

Today's challenge is to ask friends, family and/or customers what your products or services remind them of. This might help you to find just the right words to convey the experience of using your product or service.


Day 15:         What content do your clients crave?

People tend to like content that tells a story, takes them along on a journey, inspires action, entertains, challenges and surprises them. Today's challenge is to look at whether your content is 'crave-worthy'.


Day 16:         Great content starts with asking the right questions!

Whether you're writing a blog post or media release, finding the right angle is the key to great content and the place to start is by asking what is important to your audience. Today's challenge is about digging a bit deeper and developing a piece of content that really touches your clients on an emotional level. Let us know how it goes!


Day 17:          Don't forget web analytics as a guide to content creation!

Web analytics provides great feedback in terms of what content your audience engages with. Today's challenge is to look closely at your web stats and see what they tell you.


Day 18:          Good content solves problems.

Good content improves customer's lives and helps them solve problems. Today's challenge is to look at your content and critically evaluate whether you make a difference in your customers' lives.


What have you learned?

Our January Challenge has been about content marketing. Have you learned anything you will be applying to your business? Our February Challenge is about funding your idea.


For some helpful advice, visit the Lighthouse Facebook page for online articles and resources to help you complete the daily challenges.


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