familybusinessWith the responsibility of running a family business and looking after everyone else's interests, where does a CEO go for support?

An ever growing number of family business principals would say without hesitation "to a CEO forum group!" Why?

CEO Forum Groups provide access to advice and support from other family businesses owners who face many of the same challenges running a family business. The FBA Forum Groups, specifically, cater for CEO's, future CEO's and family business members wanting to successfully take their business to the next level.

They comprise 12 attendees who are encouraged to share objectively their experience, opinions and solutions on various issues specific to family businesses.


Each member comes from a different industry sector to avoid any conflicts of interest and participants of each group have a similar level of expertise and business experience to ensure issues are dealt with at the appropriate management level.

Importantly, the information is exchanged in a confidential environment - which everyone adheres to - resulting in open and frank discussion and effective problem solving. External facilitators are also used which allows each of the attendees the opportunity to participate and feel supported without compromise and in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Some of the issues which are commonly discussed and worked through include staffing, management styles, business planning, marketing and elements of personal and professional development.


Written by Family Business Australia.
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