FAI sunrise smlIn wealthier countries such as Australia, 50% of our current Year 11's who were born in 2000 will get to celebrate their 100th birthday. This has implications for everything from healthcare to urban design, education and economics.

Now in its sixth year, Start-Up Camp Canberra will encourage Canberra’s entrepreneurially-minded to tackle the challenges and innovation opportunities faced by society as we live increasingly longer.

Held on 28th to 30th April, Start-Up Camp Canberra is an intensive innovation and entrepreneurship competition that takes place over a single weekend in which participants, most of whom have never met before, form teams, come up with an idea and transform it into an innovative online solution around the theme – ‘The 100 Year Life’.

Previous generations have followed the traditional path of getting an education, going to work and then retiring, but this will not be the case for the current or generations to come. This path is already being challenged by rising life expectancy, pensions being eroded by economic changes, the rapidly disappearing ‘job for life’ and the changing definition of ‘fully employed’.

“The theme is not just about solving problems related to aged care; it is also about understanding how some of the forces that will shape the future such as technology and globalisation can be harnessed to create the changes we will need to survive and prosper in the Age of Longevity,” said Anna Pino, CEO Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre.

For those thinking of launching a new business venture, this event condenses the whole experience into a weekend and provides a glimpse of what it’s really like to start a business.

“We are encouraging anyone interested in the entrepreneurial process to attend – from students and teachers, to designers, web developers, marketers and business thinkers.”

“There are many decision points and key learnings along this journey as you go through the stages of identifying a problem, coming up with solutions, building on one innovative idea, researching the opportunity, understanding the market, planning the venture and finally launching it,” said Ms Pino.

So if you love a bit of a challenge, consider yourself an ‘ideas person’ or maybe you’ve always thought you had a start-up in you somewhere, visit https://www.lighthouseinnovation.com.au/initiatives/start-up-camp-canberra for more information and to register.


About Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre
Lighthouse has a strong track record of supporting entrepreneurs, researchers and inventers on the path from concept to commercialisation. Since July 2008, Lighthouse has worked with over 990 distinct enterprises and provided group and peer based services to over 3400 enterprises and individuals. For over five years Lighthouse has successfully delivered business advice, education, mentorship and networking opportunities to help these businesses commercialise their ideas and grow their companies. Lighthouse also delivers programs such as the ACT Microcredit Program for the ACT Government. Visit www.lighthouseinnovation.com.au for more information.