The Entrepreneurs

When times are good, people will spend on fitness coaches, even lifestyle coaches like dietitians, vanderhoek 2but rarely do people think ahead about a career coach to keep their professional lives on track. 

Vanessa Vanderhoek has hit the ground sprinting with her new business, Career Inside Track in which she's helping people work the 'full circle' of their career life.

"It's about making those course corrections to keep people tracking well in their careers," she said.

Kehnan Walsh1

Put simply, Kehnan Walsh needed to make a decision - try and get back to full health and work as a personal trainer or risk starting up a business.

Kehnan, 22, is a founder and CEO of KD Ratio, a streetwear and fitness clothing company birthed in Canberra and trading from Sydney.

A graduate from Erindale College and CIT, Kehnan found himself on the usual path of looking for a job and quickly settled into the role of a contractor personal trainer. 

But when he contracted glandular fever in 2013, Kehnan was unable to work for a year – the first of several blessings in disguise. 

Jessica MayTo be human is to have issues. Something could happen to anyone of us and we could land up suffering from a disability and be unable to work in a traditional 9 to 5 job. 

Not to be all doom and gloom or anything, but as you get older the chances of something happening that affects your capacity to work increases substantially. In fact, your risk of living with a disability more than doubles between 24 and 45 years and then increases again to 31% of 55-64 year olds

A new resource for those with a disability comes from Canberra entrepreneur, Jessica May, who recently launched her company Enabled Employment; a recruitment site that connects people with disabilities with teleworking opportunities. We had a chat to Jessica to find out what motivated her to start her business and what lessons she had learnt along the way.